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CueGrid - the business cloud that integrates with all systems

Mobility in a
connected world

Integrating to all systems we are the preferred partner for IoT vendors and service providers.

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One market place
– multiple contexts

Looking for the platform that speaks with multiple devices? You have found it.

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Karim Nielsen

Cooperating with Martin and his team has been and is very inspiring. Martin’s vision and understanding of the customer journey will revolutionise the hotel business and I am proud to be part of the journey from its beginning.

Karim Nielsen, CEO, Brøchner Hotels

Coming soon: Revolutionising platforms for hotels and business


The hotel experience of the future. AeroGuest is the interface that is 100% customised to help your guests in the context they are in. It is the interface that connects with all systems enabling you to cooperate even closer with partners and vendors to optimise guest experiences and improve staff efficiency. Stay in front of your competition. Contact us today and let us look into a mutual beneficial partnership.

Easy. Convenient. Elegant.

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OfficeGrid is Internet of Things solutions for the office. Our business cloud integrates with all systems. Your advantage is that we – together with our partners – create an easier and simpler life for you. Enabling YOU to focus on your business.

Our first launches include a hazzle-free mobile access solution. Contact us to find out more. We look forward to hearing from you.

Easy. Convenient. Relevant.

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Preferred partner for Internet of Things vendors and service providers – here is why

Internet of Things vendors

Our business cloud integrates with all systems. It means that we provide the access for your device or solution that enables it to speak to a central platform expanding your customer reach. An example is our partnerships with door opening solution suppliers. We take the lock; integrate it with our platform which speaks with all  locking systems, and our partner’s market place just grows a lot bigger.

We are always looking for the right vendors to team up with. Contact us if you want to hear more about how our technology approach, knowledge and experience can help you bring your digitalised solutions to the customers.

Service providers

It is really all about servicing the customer in the context in which the customer finds himself in. We collect fragmented apps and connect them with our platform. We exploit the context to create optimised customer experiences via the knowledge that we have about our users.

Our platform AeroGuest is highly relevant if you are a taxi company, restaurant, night club or other entertainment services. Our platform AeroBusiness might be highly relevant if you provide cleaning services, lunch deliveries, temp services, event management – or something else. To us the sky is the limit so give us a call!

eric thomsen assa abole

"We are delighted to welcome Martin and his team to our Certified Partner Program. We enjoy working with innovative companies around the world, and are very much looking forward to having AeroGuest be a part of this program."

Eric Thomsen, General Manager, Software & Credentials

Why choose CueGrid as your Internet of Things partner?

Our approach
is different

Through close and inspiring collaboration with our talented and forward-looking partners, we shape and change the future via the Internet of Things. We want to create an easier and simpler life for all of us via cutting-edge mobile solutions.

We are really, really
good at software

Using the latest technologies and cutting-edge software, our focus is always on developing integrating platforms that provide real added value to our partners and their customers. We are agile and we are experienced.

through dialogue

Receptiveness and accessibility. Two central keywords in our approach to our relationships with our partners. We see opportunities instead of limitations. That is why we can help you move your business to the next level.

Martin Sponholz, Founder & Owner 

Visit Martin’s profile on LinkedIn

Martin is the man behind the scenes. Martin is a true entrepreneur and a creative thinker. He loves the idea of connecting the things that matter to us – home as well as business – via digitalisation and the Internet of Things. He just cannot help himself: he has to come up with new ideas all the time.

+10 years of experience with the development of complex software solutions, the utilisation of big data for immediate value creation and several years as head of a big software development team in a Danish energy-trading house, has given Martin the knowhow and insights needed to take your product, solution or idea into the world of digitalisation and mobile.

If you want to get in touch with Martin and his team, you can use the link right below.

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Our partners

We work together with some of the best Internet of Things vendors within door-opening solutions, leading Danish hotel chains and the relevant and prominent technology partners.

Software Developer for start-up in rapid growth

Would you like to be part of a small team in a start-up where we develop our own platform for the hotel business? Are you passionate about working with the newest state-of-the art technologies when developing mobile applications and back end systems? And would you like to dig into the development of bluetooth and beacon technologies that enable rethinking of digitalisation and applications within the Internet of Things?

Read more here (PDF opens in a new window) and send your application today to Martin Sponholtz: info@aeroguest.com

You can find us in Aarhus, Denmark

We like to have visitors so please feel free to stop by our office for a coffee and a talk.

You can find us at Vestergade 48F 1TH, 8000 Aarhus C. If you give us a call beforehand (+45 6060 6670) we might even throw in a slice of cake!

You are also welcome to send us a message via the form to your right. Finally, you can find our contact information at the bottom of this page. Remember to follow us on LinkedIn.





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